Reading for the Week of October 4, 2021


Six of Wands in the past, Three of Pentacles today, Ten of Swords in the Future

n the past we have the Four of Wands, traditionally representing victory, but on this occasion, I can’t help but notice that our man taking his victory lap is looking away. He’s haunted by the things he did to get here. I can’t help but think of a veteran returning with PTSD.

The present is represented by the Three of Pentacles. It traditionally is interpreted as being about success in a project, but I always see an element of secrecy with the dark background. I’d say our hero is successfully sorting out his issues in private.

The future brings us the Ten of Swords. It would be easy to see this as a bad omen – our hero will continue to be tortured by his thoughts. However, I take a more optimistic view: the dead guy doesn’t represent our querent, he represents the issues the querent is trying to escape. It’s an ugly process, but there is, at last, peace.