A Fancy Debut Post

Tarot reading is a practice of putting random images into slots with prescribed meanings. I don’t think reading the tarot requires any special power. You’re probably at least as capable as I am of at looking at pretty pictures on cardstock and assigning a meaning to them.

The High Priestess tarot card

While many areas of metaphysical study influenced the creators of the Rider-Waite deck (and decks before it), the cards can still have great value even if that’s not an aspect of the art that speaks to you. Some cards are difficult to read without some knowledge of the creator’s intended symbolism (I’m looking at you, High Priestess). Most of them can have a clear face value.

I picked up my first pack of tarot cards around 1997. I put them away a couple years later then rediscovered them around 2020. The first time around, I was very invested in looking up each card in a book (or two). Now I take a more intuitive approach – I interpret the cards based almost exclusively on what’s in the pretty picture. Consequently, some of my interpretations are very different than you’ll find in most books.

Guy about to prance off a cliff
Listen to your little dog, dude!

Consider Major Arcana card 0, The Fool. It’s typically seen as a card of innocence and starting a new adventure. I see a guy about to tumble to his death.

I recently put an ad on Etsy offering tarot card readings because it sounds like fun. If you think so too, I invite you to click the link and book a reading.